The 340B Program is facing unprecedented attacks from drug companies that Congress, the Administration, and the courts have yet to stop. We need your help to #Defend340B to protect healthcare for millions of Americans.

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340B is a Lifeline for Communities 


The federal 340B drug discount program offers a lifeline to some of the most underserved communities in this nation, all without taxpayer funding.

The program operates on the simple principle that drug companies are required to provide drugs at a discounted price to certain types of safety net hospitals, clinics, and centers that, in turn, use their 340B savings to serve their communities.

That reinvestment in community care by local providers is what makes the 340B program so successful and impactful.

With 340B, providers can serve more patients and provide more care with limited dollars to benefit the communities they serve.


Threats to 340B = Threat to Public Health

Drug Companies are distracting the public from their high drug prices and excessive profiteering by attacking the 340B program.

In the last few years, more than 20 drug companies unilaterally changed the rules for the 340B program by limiting the 340B discount on medicines that are shipped to a pharmacy.

In return for providing these 340B discounts, federal law allows drug companies to participate in the large Medicaid and Medicare drug market. Last year, drug companies made $43.9 Billion in 340B sales alone.

Make no mistake, these drug companies are putting profits over patients by limiting the discounts they are legally required to give to the safety net.

How We Protect 340B

Without a significant and sustained effort to raise public awareness of the value and importance of the 340B program, the program faces an uncertain future. Three things are needed to #Defend340B.

  1. Educate the public and policymakers on the 340B Program.
  2. Aggressively counter the misinformation dispersed by drug companies.
  3. Build an empowered community of advocates to #Defend 340B.
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