With 340B, equal access to pediatric behavioral health services is possible

CV340B is proud to partner with Carolina Health Centers (CHC), a federally qualified health center serving as the primary care medical home for over 25,000 patients across seven rural counties in South Carolina. Carolina Health Centers possess an unwavering commitment to ensuring everyone in the community regardless of demographic or socioeconomic barriers, has access to appropriate and effective health care. CHC’s services for early childhood mental and behavioral health ensure families have access to quality care regardless of circumstance or insurance status. These services have transformed the lives of countless families.

In addition to providing primary and preventative care services, CHC provides an array of community-centered services including oral health services, community pharmacies, agricultural farm worker services, behavioral health and substance use disorder services, and early childhood health and mental health services. These services are made possible by reinvesting the savings earned from the 340B program directly into the community. Hundreds of millions of patients rely on community health centers like CHC for all of their health and mental health care needs.

The pharmaceutical industry has declared war on the 340B program.

More than twenty of the largest manufacturers are unlawfully and unilaterally restricting access to 340B pricing on drugs
dispensed by contract pharmacies, and that number is sure to grow.
Will you help #defend340B?

What is 340B?

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340B is a lifeline to the neediest and most underserved patients. 

First established in 1992 through bipartisan legislation, the federal 340B drug discount program offers a lifeline to the neediest and most underserved patients in this nation.

The program operates on the simple principle of requiring pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs at a discounted price to certain types of safety net hospitals and clinics that, in turn, use their 340B savings to underwrite the cost of serving patients in their communities. 

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Carolina Health Centers + CV340B

With 340B, CHC is improving health outcomes for children

By building an integrated community system of health care and family support whereby every family is provided the level of support they need to ensure their children’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

With savings from 340B, Carolina Health Centers is: 

  • Building the citizens of tomorrow:  helping parents understand how to nurture their children so that they are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially healthy.
  • Empowering parents: Connecting parents to community resources and to other parents. CHC helps parents learn to be a voice for their children in the wider community. Parents are their child’s first and best teachers.
  • Building a community system of care: Working with doctors, teachers, counselors, librarians, childcare providers, businesses, and service agencies so families have a community and network of care.

The 340B program needs you! 

Please join us and #defend340B