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Healthy communities are strong communities

Healthier community members are more able to contribute positively to the local economy, strengthening the community through stable employment.

340B provides non-profit Health Centers and Hospitals the resources they need to be able to keep their communities healthy through access to affordable and quality healthcare to the underserved.

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340B Supports Community Health

340B allows your local nonprofit Hospitals and Clinics to provide care for your neighbors who need it most.

In the last 10 years, total premiums for family health insurance coverage increased by 43%.

With healthcare costs rising everywhere, 340B enables families in your community to access services like pediatric and family primary care, affordable prescriptions, and a wide variety of specialty and lifesaving care regardless of their ability to pay.

% Increase in Dollars (2012 – 2022)

Healthcare Premiums

A Threat to Our Community

Profit-seeking drug companies are attempting to unlawfully shrink the 340B Program which is reducing the services available to the communities who need it the most.

Without the 340B savings that 340B covered entities rely on, a large portion of the community will no longer have access to the resources they need to live a healthy, productive life.

This includes 340B entities like children’s hospitals, the third largest benefactor of the 340B Program, that care for our community’s sickest and most vulnerable children.

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