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Together for 340B increases public awareness of the 340B program’s vital role in supporting public health and counters misinformation spread by drug companies. CV340B will work with you to create targeted digital marketing ads for YOUR service areas and YOUR preferred audiences.

Digital Engagement Opportunities


Community Voices for 340B (CV340B) was established in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) organization to educate the public about the important role that the 340B program plays in protecting and improving healthcare access and the quality of care for communities nationwide.

CV340B launched its Together for 340B digital marketing campaign as a unique and effective way to counter the misinformation being spread by drug companies.

CV340B is calling on existing and prospective partners to help amplify the voices of patients, communities, and healthcare providers who rely on the 340B program. As a special offer to campaign donors, CV340B will launch a digital engagement opportunity, customizing the design and messaging to your target audience.

With your contribution, CV340B will work with you to create a customized digital engagement employing one or more of the following options.

Targeted Social Media

Ad Campaign

  • Target prospective advocates and supporters
  • Elevate the 340B message using ads focused on specific groups most likely to take action to defend 340B

Targeted Search Engine Ad Campaign

  • Target individuals who are searching for information on the 340B program
  • Amplify our messages above 340B antagonists

Production of Print and
Digital Campaign Content

  • Create compelling content to spread the 340B message to individuals and organizations who need to hear it
  • Customize to target audience

Contributions to CV340B support its current advocacy and education work, including the following:


Production of a Campaign Video

  • Uses a highly effective format
  • Informs the general public about 340B
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to record, and can be done via zoom or by self-recording
  • Click here to get started

Outreach Efforts to National and Local Publications

  • Engage with local and national publications ensuring their message and mission are shared far and wide.
  • Devote the time and resources to impactful content creation and distribute factual information to the public.

National Advocacy Webinars

  • Create a virtual space for interaction and engagement and connects with stakeholders who share CV340B’s commitment to defending 340B.
  • Partner with your organization to host 340B education sessions for your C-Suite, Board members, or staff.
  • Click here to join our Regional Advocacy Groups

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Please make your check payable to CV340B and  return this form and check to:  

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Contributions to CV340B, a D.C. nonprofit corporation Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax deductible.


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