Our Mission

Community Voices for 340B is a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about the importance of the 340B program and leading the collective action needed to bring a voice to the real beneficiaries of the 340B program.

We are a grassroots organization that enables community members to tell their side of the story: why 340B is vital to them, and why a sustained and vibrant 340B program is an essential tool to ensuring health care access among the most needy.

Our approach is threefold:

  • Educating patients, family members, community representatives, faith-based leaders and others about the value and the benefits of the 340B program within their communities.
  • Documenting the various ways the 340B program is meeting the needs of patients within communities – whether by helping patients comply with treatment regimens, supporting disease-specific outreach programs, staffing free care clinics, providing transportation or housing services or otherwise assisting patients in overcoming barriers to care.
  • Communicating and elevating the successes of the 340B program with those able to drive decisions to keep the program viable.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to invest heavily in both a public relations and political advocacy campaign to scale back the size of the federal 340B drug pricing program. Facing pressure from Congress, the Administration and industry stakeholders, the 340B program is at risk of unprecedented change unless support for the program can be broadened beyond the 340B provider groups that have traditionally served as the program’s champions.

Noticeably missing from the debate are the voices of the patients and communities that ultimately benefit from the program. Safety net hospitals, clinics, and their respective advocacy organizations have done their best to defend the program, but there is a distinct need to personalize the program and to tell the story of how it affects individual lives in tangible ways.

Those community voices will ultimately be the ones that can best elevate the discussion about the 340B program beyond the rhetoric of the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to provide these individuals with a platform to tell their stories about why we need to protect the 340B program.