340B Video Recording

Many of the people we meet can barely contain their feelings about how important it is to #Defend340B for THEIR COMMUNITIES. These stories are invaluable advocacy tools. CV340B wants to hear from you, in your own words.

Two ways to record a 340B Video:

  1. Self Record Using Your iPhone, or Android device.
  2. Schedule a Zoom Interview Recording with CV340B


What is the message of the videos?

340B makes a difference. It’s that simple. Each video will be different because each story is different. Not sure what to talk about? Here are some Ideas to get you started!


– Why is it important to you to #Defend340B?

– How does 340B make a difference in your community?

– How have the recent restrictions on 340B discounts impacted your patients/organization/community?

– What is something your organization would not be able to do without 340B?


How long will it take to record a video?

15 minutes. It will take no more than 15 minutes to record 1-3 short, 30 second to 1-minute videos. You can do it with your iPhone/Android or we can schedule a time to do it on zoom together. Use the QR code above to let us know how you want to record.

How will videos be used?

Videos will be shared via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), posted on our website and uploaded to YouTube. Video’s may be chosen to be used in whole or in part for CV340B’s ‘Together for 340B’ digital marketing campaign aimed at educating the public on the impact 340B has on our communities.

What if I change my mind?

We consider your videos to be your property and will involve you in every step from editing to release. If at any time you or your organization want to pull the video, please email Rhiannon at Rhiannon.Marshall@CV340B.org and your videos will be pulled promptly.

How-to Record a Video Yourself

Step 1

Decide which device you want to use to record your video. There’s no wrong answer here. Whether you record on a laptop or a phone, or even if you have your own camera set up, what ever you choose is great!

TIP: Certain social media algorithms, like LinkedIn prefer videos recorded on a smartphone, so if you are most comfortable recording on your phone, feel free!

Step 2

Consider the following questions as possible topics for your recording.

  • Why is it important to you to #Defend340B?
  • What does 340B mean to your community?
  • How does your organization use 340B to benefit your patients?
  • How have the recent restrictions on 340B discounts harmed your patients/organization/community?
  • What is something your organization would not be able to do without 340B?

Have something else you think would make a good video? Do it! Your creativity is what we are looking for here. What is most important to you for people to know about 340B?

Step 3

Hit Record! Here are some tips on how to record a successful video.

  • Keep it short. We suggest videos no longer than 3 minutes long.
  • Record multiple videos. Separate your topics by recording multiple short videos.
  • Consider your lighting. Natural light is best for taking videos, try taking your video facing a window or a lamp.
  • Don’t worry if you stutter or stumble over your words, we can edit that out!
  • Consider your background (and your background noise) Be aware of what is in the background of your recording and try to record in a quiet place.

Step 4

Click the button below to be taken to a Google Drive where you can submit your video!