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340B powers our nation’s healthcare safety-net, allowing non-profit hospitals and clinics to better serve their communities. Without 340B, access to affordable healthcare for those who need it most, would be impossible. Read and be inspired by the amazing work your local 340B community health provider is doing.

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Black Pharmacists Advocate for 340B

Black Pharmacists Advocate for 340B   For over 30 years, the federal 340B Drug Pricing program (340B) has enabled covered entities to be the healthcare safety-net for vulnerable Americans. The Los Angeles Sentinel recently published an article by three black pharmacists, Dr. Kenneth Schell, Dr. John Clark, and Dr. Anthony Jackson. In the article, they…


How the 340B Program Transforms Access to Vital Diabetes Medications

A New Groundbreaking Study Reveals Real-Life Impact, Cost Savings, and Barriers Faced by Underserved Diabetes Patients in Safety-Net Clinics   The federal 340B Drug Pricing Program provides discounted drug prices to safety-net entities, enabling them to serve more vulnerable patients. This program has become indispensable with the escalating costs of medications, including high-cost injectable diabetes…


Five Horizons Health Services Provides HIV Prevention in West Alabama & East Mississippi with 340B

Five Horizons Health Services Provides HIV Prevention in West Alabama & East Mississippi with 340B The 340B Program allows the rural healthcare facility to provide high-quality, patient-centered medical, dental, prevention, behavioral health, testing, and case management services. by Shey Thorn, MPH, Chief of Staff, Five Horizons Health Services October 2023   Five Horizons Health Services…


History of the 340B Program

History of the 340B Program by Januari Fox, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Community Engagement, Prism Health North Texas Administration October 2022 Republished from the Dallas Medical Journal. Find the original article here.   A little-known program that establishes pathways of care for underserved communities is under attack by drug manufacturers. Created in 1992, the…


Rural Hospitals Rely on 340B

Rural Hospitals Rely on the 340B Drug Pricing Program by Craig Thompson, Missouri Independent September 12, 2023 Republished from the Missouri Independent. Find original article HERE.  According to a recent report, roughly 35% of rural hospitals in Missouri are at risk of closing as a result of inadequate revenue and low financial reserves. This comes as…