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Healthcare providers like you are strong advocates for the 340B program in both your communities and on Capitol Hill.

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How 340B Affects You

For Healthcare Orgs

The 340B program helps organizations like yours provide care to those in your community who need it most regardless of their ability to pay.

Without 340B, your organization and countless others like yours from all over the country, will no longer be able to operate as the nation’s safety-net leaving entire communities helpless.

Hospitals, clinics, and centers all use their savings in a variety of ways – to reduce the cost of medications for patients, to ensure they have the staff to serve you, to build wellness programs and other services needed in your community.

The 340B program is NOT funded by taxpayers but by manufacturers through discounts on the cost of their drugs.

Help for Your Patients

Community members rely on healthcare organizations like you to provide vital care such as family primary care, emergency housing and food, transportation, affordable prescription medicines and more.

We understand that you rely on 340B to be able to afford those services.

Threats to 340B

More than 20 Drug Companies have unilaterally and unlawfully restricted 340B pricing for drugs shipped to off-site pharmacies called contract pharmacies.

These illegal contract pharmacy restrictions are crippling 340B covered entity’s ability to provide care to their patients.

Organizations have been forced to reduce staff and programming aimed at keeping their communities healthy. This is especially crippling for rural communities with limited access to healthcare.

Moreover, greedy drug companies have scaled up a coordinated campaign to discredit the impact 340B has in the community and shrink the program to line their pockets.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Join Your Local 340B Community!

Join a Regional Advocacy Group now to help #Defend340B.

Raise awareness and fuel the fight to #defend340B. 

Greedy drugs companies have enormous power and resources to spread misinformation and lobby congress to restrict access to 340B benefits to covered entities.

We rely on the advocacy efforts and contributions of our #Defend340B community to fight back.

You can be a champion for 340B by creating a crowdfunding page allowing you to spread awareness and raise essential resources.